Art is the expression of our souls
and the vision of our hearts,
reflected in our creations as a testament
to what we can achieve together.

AUGUST 2024 | 10AM-1PM

Join us at the Red Osier Farm in Corinth Corners, VT
for our first Community Mural Collaboration!

Check back for more details...

Waits River Valley School
Corinth Recycle

20′ X 8′ Mural created by the students at Waits River Valley School

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The Growing Peace Project

12′ X 8′  Mural created by the youth group at The Growing Peace Project summer camp

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WCMHS Kids Summer Camp 2024

This 8’x8′ mural was created by an inspiring group of kids at the Washington County Mental Health Youth Summer Camp.

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Northfield Elementary Bridges

4′ X 8′ Mural created by the BRIDGES students at North Field Elementary School

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Stockbridge Elementary School

4′ X 8′ Mural created by the ONE PLANET students at Stockbridge Elementary School

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Sun of Love

This 58′ x 16′ mural, three-dimensional and lit, is on the Fairfax Coffee House wall, Fairfax Street, Berkeley Springs, WV.

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"Goodbye My Love" Ukulele // USA

"Une Belle Journée" a SEDA•ME clothing video // Morocco

​"Silk" a SEDA•ME clothing video // Morocco


Acrylic on raw canvas - inspired by an amazing adventure to Colombia!

This Is How I MAKE IT...

mattcolorstheworldfinal from Kyra Dawe on Vimeo.

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