Passion for teamwork and creativity fuels me! Here, discover the latest endeavors that I have either spearheaded
or partnered on.Each project reflects my commitment to making the world a more colorful and vibrant place.

Stockbridge Elementary School Mural

Waits River Valley School - Corinth Recycle Mural Project

Sharon Elementary School Mural

Northfield Elementary Mural Project | Northfield VT | USA

The Growing Peace Project | Topsham VT | USA

The Growing Peace Project Mural, a collaborative masterpiece born from the hands of dedicated artist and a united community, stands proudly as a vivid symbol of harmony, reminding us all of the universal language that art speaks in nurturing understanding and unity. 

"Peace by Peace world Art Project"

We believe that art has the ability to touch hearts, spark conversations, and foster understanding.
By inviting individuals to capture and share their experiences with our project, we create a collective tapestry of diverse encounters.
​It’s a celebration of the beauty and creativity that exists in every corner of the globe.

Teens Matter Orange East Mural Project | Bradford VT | USA

This is my first mural project in Vermont. I had the pleasure of painting ​with some amazing teenagers in Bradford, Vermont.

Sun of Love Mural | Berkeley Springs, WV USA

This was by far the largest mural I have ever created. It was an amazing experience! I spent about a month painting the wall. The mural is 58′ X 16′ with lights and three dimensional shapes. You can find it on the Fairfax Coffee House wall / Fairfax Street in Berkeley Springs, WV.

222 Fence Project | Martinsburg, WV USA

​This was an interactive project using arts to bring the community together in a collaborative way.
I titled this 222 Fence Project, because 222 was the number of slats in the fence that needed to be painted by community members. 

Read the newspaper article here...

​I am collaborating with a well-known local artist 
David Heatwole on a project called “Handmade in America.” 
Join us and the Martinsburg High School Art Department to send across America, a 53′ tractor-trailer marked off with two paint-by-number murals, designed by art students from Berkeley County, that will be sent to schools across the country where students can fill in the numbered blank spaces with their painted hand-prints instead of traditional paint and brushes. This is going to be an awesome Pay the Arts Forward project from Martinsburg, WV with Love and Creativity.

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