Vision: To transform the world through art, creating vibrant murals that connect communities, inspire creativity, and bring joy to people of all ages. My vision is to see every state and country adorned with collaborative artworks that reflect the beauty and diversity of their inhabitants.

Mission: To enrich lives through the power of public art, creating murals that serve as sources of inspiration, education, and joy. I commit to working collaboratively with communities around the world, ensuring that our art reflects their stories and aspirations while promoting cultural exchange and understanding

Statement: I am an artist!!! I LOVE to create, flow and put my time/energy/passion into MANY different things. I write and perform music, paint, design and love life... I hope whatever you experience from me is beautiful, makes you smile and especially warms your heart <3

Background: I have been expressing myself as an artist ever since I was able to hold a crayon and beat on my parents' pots and pans. I have experimented with many different styles and forms over my 40 years. I took a few introductory art classes in high school and completed a 1 year adult graphic design course @ James Rumsey Technical school in WV. I studied classical guitar @ Shepherd University in WV, lived in Spain and I was even in a kick ass heavy metal band for a few years!

CURRENT: You can see my art on display at the following places...


FOR SALE: If you are interested in purchasing my art please visit my Etsy store Etsy.com/shop/MatthewDentonArt or email me below.

FEEDBACK: Please feel free to send me any feedback, questions or comments. Anything and everything is welcome. Enjoy 🙂

This interactive project, titled the “222 Fence Project,” utilized art to foster community collaboration. Named for the 222 fence slats that community members painted together, the initiative aimed to bring people together through a shared creative endeavor. We invited each member of the community to bring leftover outdoor house paint, the church generously donated food, and a local shipping company provided a flatbed trailer for the band that performed at the event.

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